Amazon’s Spring Deal Days! 20 travel essentials you can’t miss

  • 20.03.2024 18:13
  • Bruno Arcos
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If you’re on the lookout for some amazing deals Amazon’s Spring Deal Days is just the thing for you. We’ve come across 20 travel essentials at great prices!

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Disclaimer: all the items listed below are linked to a website where you can complete your purchase. You won’t pay a single penny above the official price and you’ll be giving us a hand by using our affiliate links 😊

Note: Prices are valid until March 25, 23:00, when Amazon’s Spring Deal Days officially come to an end.

1. Backpack – From £24.95

Cabin Max bags were specifically created to comply with the new low-cost airlines’ baggage policies. Therefore, their dimensions and design seek to optimize the carriers’ requirements. The Metz model, with a capacity of 20L, has the exact dimensions allowed by Ryanair (40 x 20 x 25 cm), meaning it’s also good for Easyjet. If you prefer a model with a separate laptop compartment, we suggest the Cabin Max Memphis.

Another excellent alternative for low-cost airlines are the SZLX backpacks. This specific model (33.99£) is a great option, which comes with a clamshell opening, a waterproof area, a compartment for your shoes and even a bag designed for your laptop.

Additionally, here’s another backpack that caught my attention due to its impressive expandability feature. Priced at 37.99£, this option can increase its capacity, from a small backpack that abides by Easyjet’s restrictive rules, to a regular cabin bag size.

2. Cabin baggage trolley – From £32.47

Kono Fashion Hard Shell Anode has the perfect dimensions (55 x 40 x 22 cm) for cabin bags that need to be stowed in the aircrafts’ overhead compartments. The 4.5 average rate collected after more than 4000 reviews on Amazon stand as the ultimate proof of its solid price-quality ratio. Besides the massively positive feedback, the trolley’s 3-dial combination lock and multidirectional spinner wheels are also very nice additions.

3. Check-in baggage trolley – From £49.99

If you’re looking for a suitcase with a trusted brand name, then the Kono models are definitely worth considering. They come with handy interior compartments, as well as four multidirectional wheels and a combination lock. There are two size options to choose from to: the 63L and the 90L versions.


4. Travel compression bags (no vacuum required) –£5,49/pack of 2 units

Having extra room in your bag is always welcome, and one of the best ways to save some of that precious space is by utilizing compression bags. Unlike many others in the market, these do not require the use of any vacuum or pump. You just need to keep rolling out the bags until all the air comes out and finito!

Essenciais de Viagem: sacos de vácuo

5. Travel packing organizers – £7.64

Perfect to avoid the mess your bag usually turns into whenever you have to pack/unpack! These packing organizers from Vicloon have a great price considering all their perks. With 8 different bags, you are guaranteed to always keep your baggage neat and tidy!

essenciais de viagem: Kit de organização de bagagem


6. Air Travel Bottles for Liquids –£8.99

This liquid transport kit is a fantastic choice if you’re traveling with nothing but carry-on luggage and have to deal with the usual 100ml limit per bottle. It’s designed with convenience in mind, offering four containers, each with a 100ml capacity. Crafted from durable silicone, these containers come equipped with secure lids that ensure no accidental spills or leaks.

7. Portable Luggage Scale – £11.99

If you know someone who needs to take off (and then put on, of course) 3 different coats because their bag is already oversized, then here’s the perfect gift! This small portable luggage has a capacity of up to 50kg, allowing you to know exactly how much your bag is weighing. With this scale, not only will your friend avoid stressful moments at the airport but they will no longer look like a walking chorizo while going through security.

essenciais de viagem: balança de bagagem


8. Travel Pillow – £10.99

A true life-saver on longer trips! Not just for you, who won’t have to leave that plane/train/bus with the absolute worst neck pain of your life, but also for the person seating right next to you, who will no longer have to put up with your wobbly head on their shoulder. This specific model from CNMTCCO has great reviews and comes with an eye mask and earplugs.


9. Passport and documents holder – £18.40

In-between passports, tickets, pens and other accessories, it is always useful to carry a document holder bag. This one from Forubar has plenty of room for all your documents, passports and cards, and comes with two very important extras: RFID blocking and water-resistant design.

10. Bluetooth item finders – From £15.99

Amidst the chaos that we all witnessed at the airports last Summer, loads of people were able to track down their baggage due to these item finders, such as Tile (for both Android and Apple) or Airtags (Apple). Having one of these “hidden” at your regular backpack may also come in handy.

essenciais de viagem: Localizadores de Itens airtags ou tile


11. Kindle Paperwhite – £94.99

When there is not much space left in your bag but you still got to take THAT book, your best option is to check the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s a classic formula, both tested and approved by millions of people, which you can store anywhere considering its small and convenient size. Plus, it boasts an adjustable warm light for a more comfortable reading experience on the eyes.

essenciais de viagem: kindle


12. Noise Canceling Headphones and Earbuds


Best budget option: Soundcore Life Q30£53.99

This Soundcore model offers all the basics of a good set of noise canceling headphones at an attractive price. Once again, the product’s 4.5 average rate after more than 65.000 reviews shows how much buyers are happy with their purchase.


Pro quality-price ratio: Soundcore Space One – £69.99

As reliable as the Q30 but with a few of the features ramped-up. Noise canceling twice as efficient, better sound technology and more comfortable.

Pro Recommendation: Bose QuietComfort SE – £179

As someone who frequently uses the QuietComfort 35 (the previous model), I can personally vouch for this one. While brands like Sony have caught up in terms of excellent noise cancellation and sound quality, Bose headphones stand out for their incredibly lightweight and durable design, providing unrivaled comfort for extended periods of use. Whether you’re taking a long-haul flight or a lengthy train or bus journey, these headphones are sure to enhance your experience and comfort.

Ear Buds

Best quality-price ratio: CMF by Nothing Buds Pro£41.49

Considered an excellent value-for-money option, the CMF by Nothing Buds Pro include many of the features you will find in earbuds costing twice as much. You may expect up to 7 hours of battery life, extendable to a whopping 22 hours with the use of the compact charging case (while the ANC is on).

Pro Recommendation for both Android and Apple: Soundcore Liberty 4£59.99

The Soundcore Liberty 4 are widely considered one of the best options for those willing to spend some money on a set of noise-canceling earphones. Considering how much they’re selling for at Amazon, this is definitely a great deal!

Pro Recommendation for Apple: AirPods Pro, 2nd generation£209.17

The go-to choice for Apple devices. For their size, the sound quality and noise-cancelling feature is excellent. Plus, the AirPods can be synched to all Apple products.

essenciais de viagem: auriculares com cancelamento de ruido


13. Bluetooth transmitter – £14.98

So, you’ve just boarded the plane with your noise-canceling headphones and want to get them connected to the in-flight entertainment system. Small problem: you’ve forgotten your cable or, in case we’re talking about earphones, there is no way whatsoever to get them connected. How nice… now you will have to either read the subs with no sound or use the earset provided by the airline (if they do) which do not isolate any kind of noise. However, if you have a Bluetooth transmitter that will no longer be an issue., as this small device would allow you to connect your wireless headphones to any in-flight entertainment system.

essenciais de viagem: Transmissor Bluetooth


14. Travel plug adapter – £18.99

A plug adapter is particularly useful whenever we travel to countries with a different socket type from the one we have back at home. Although there are specific adapters from plug X to socket Y, we recommend that you use a universal one. Not only is it more versatile, but it also has 4 USB ports so that you can charge more than one device at a time.

15. Charging Cube – From £13.99

Having a charging cube really does come in handy in various situations. Picture this: you’re in Japan with a group of friends, and you all need to charge your laptops, but there’s only one plug adapter available. Or imagine you’re camping in Iceland, where the number of available sockets is ridiculously limited for all your devices. This amazing charging cube provides 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports (2 type A + 1 Type C), and is an easy solution for a very relatable problem.

Alternatively, if you prefer an extension, Lencent also offers this option. Aside from the 1.8M cord, it has one extra AC outlet and one extra USB-A port.

16. Power Banks – From £19.99

Though it may not be the most compelling gift, a power bank can at times feel like the most useful thing in the world. It has saved us before, when we had to sleep at a Bolivian hotel with no electricity or when all the sockets were already being used at an Icelandic camping site… and it will likely save us again in the future! This one from VEGER (19.99£) is a pretty solid choice. Besides boasting a capacity of 10000 mAh, enough to charge your phone twice, it also has 2 USB ports (1 USB + 1 USB-C).

essenciais de viagem: power bank bateria portátil

If you want something with an even bigger capacity but far less compact, you may want to check out this alternative from VEGER. It has a staggering capacity of 30000 mAh (the two previous entries combined), 2 input (Micro USB + USB C) and 3 outputs ports (3 USB + 1 USB C), allowing you to charge up to 4 devices at a time.

essenciais de viagem: power bank bateria portátil

17. Mini Beach Bag – £15.04

A bag which allows you to take your cellphone and other essential items on a beach trip while protecting them from the sand and water splashes. It’s also extremely useful for long walks since it will shelter your belongings from the rain. We bought this Havaianas beach bag back when we were in Rio de Janeiro and it has stayed a loyal friend to us ever since.

essenciais de viagem: bolsa praia havaianas mini bag

18. Instant Camera – £67.90

Admittedly, we are still rather old-school when it comes to technology, so we couldn’t resist and ended up buying a Fujifilm Instax Mini 12. That feeling of being able to actually touch the photo just a few seconds after the shoot is something we really enjoy, making it a super interesting gift, not just for travel, but also to mark any other special occasion or moment.


19. Scratch maps – £19.99

Amazing gift idea for your friend who loves to travel! Not only because they will be able to hang two different maps on the wall (1 map of the world + 1 map of Europe), but also because they will finally have somewhere to pin down all those flags they’ve covered their Instagram bio with.

essenciais de viagem: mapas de raspar


20. Lonely Planet Guidebooks – Prices vary

“Oh, but we can find all of that information online for free!”. Yeah, we know. However, if you have a friend or relative with an old soul like ourselves, their eyes will glow at the sight of a Lonely Planet guide. No matter how much mankind has advanced over last the last few decades, there is still no replacement for the feeling of turning the paper pages of an actual, physical book. Also, the fact that the information usually contained inside these guides is of the highest quality doesn’t hurt either!

essenciais de viagem: lonely planet guias

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