Corfu 3-day Itinerary – Best things to see and do

  • 18.03.2023 23:11
  • Bruno Arcos

Best things to see and do in Corfu in 3 days. Discover the island’s most famous landmarks and tourist hotspots – like Corfu Town, Paleokastritsa or Kassiopi – in our Corfu 3-day itinerary!

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This Corfu 3-day itinerary is a part of our broader Ionian Islands travel guide. We recommend you check it out for the best travel tips and the most accurate information about the archipelago, regarding transportation, hotels and restaurants for the islands of Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

Corfu 3-Day Itinerary – What to see and do in 72 hours

Considered the most popular island across the Ionian Sea, Corfu needs no introductions. Located 30 minutes away from the Albanian Coast and with the heel of the Italian boot only a few hours away by boat, Corfu has a history that has long been shaped by all the different empires that have set foot there at some point. However, and much like the rest of the archipelago, no other civilization has left such a big mark as the Venetians, something you can vouch for yourself when strolling through one of the most beautiful historic centers in all of Greece. Cities aside, you can also expect from Corfu all of the regular ingredients that usually make people flock to the Greek islands, with pristine beaches and dramatic landscapes lurking around from any corner.

That being said, if you’re on your way to Greece and looking for what to see and do in Corfu in 3 days, we leave you with a detailed Corfu 3-day itinerary, complete with all the tourist landmarks and points of interest you don’t want to miss.

Bus between Corfu Airport and Corfu Town

Before properly introducing you to our Corfu 3-day itinerary, it’s important to know how to exactly get to civilization upon landing in the island. The cheapest way to reach any of the island’s main urban centers is to use the local public bus, with line nº 15 connecting the airport to the seaport of Corfu Town, stopping in the city center along the way (Spianada Square).

The buses depart from a stop right outside the arrivals’ terminal Building A, and you can buy your ticket from the driver for 1,20€. The distance is about 3 km, which, depending on traffic, might take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Buses operate from 07h20 to 21h50, with a new vehicle leaving every hour or so. If you’re not staying in Corfu Town, you can ask the driver to let you out at the Green Bus Station, where you can change vehicles to wherever you need to go.

As an alternative, you can hire a taxi to take you straight to your place of accommodation, although this will naturally turn out to be a lot more expensive than just using the bus. As an example, the same exact trip between the airport and Corfu Town would set you back anything between 15€-20€.

Corfu 3-Day Itinerary – Day 1: Corfu Town, one of the most beautiful cities in Greece

As usual, your first day in Corfu will be spent exploring the island’s main urban center: Corfu Town! However, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill Greek island city, as Corfu Town is actually well-known for boasting one of the most beautiful and extraordinary historic centers in the entire country. After being occupied and controlled for centuries by the former Republic of Venice, Corfu looks a lot like something you would rather find in Italy or Croatia than in Greece. That being said, you’ll initiate your adventure at the Old Fortress (6€), an ancient Venetian stronghold that you can explore freely. Inside, you’re also welcome to visit the Holy Church of Saint George. Outside the fortress, you will officially step inside the Old Town with a walk through the massive Spianada Square, considered the second biggest square in Europe. Once there, you’ll notice that a good portion of the area is surrounded by the Liston, a grid of opulent commercial arcades, which were built during the time when Corfu was under the control of Napoleon’s French Empire. While exploring the city center, make sure not to miss the Saint Spyridon Church nor the New Fortress (4€), which despite its name, was actually built over 400 years ago.

Leaving the capital behind, it’s time to make your way to the sleepy village of Gastouri. Halfway through, we recommend stopping by the Vlacherna Monastery, a picturesque building originally built on an isolated islet, which is now connected to the rest of Corfu via a footbridge. Back on the road, and after a few more kilometers, you’ll finally reach the Royal Palace of Achilleion (7€), which used to serve as a Summer residence to the famous Habsburg Empress, Sisi. With all the lavishing and downright outrageous décor one might expect from one of Europe’s most powerful rulers, this is definitely a place not to miss in your Corfu 3-day itinerary!

First day wrap-up:

  • Corfu Town
  • Old Venetian Fortress
  • Holy Church of Saint George ️
  • Spianada Square
  • Liston
  • Saint Spyridon Church
  • New Fortress
  • Vlacherna Monastery
  • Royal Palace of Achilleion

Cheap restaurant suggestions in Corfu Town:

Corfu 3-Day Itinerary – Day 2: The Best Beaches in Corfu

While you were able to only rely on your legs for your first day in Corfu, today will surely require you to get behind the wheel. It’s time to get to know some of the absolute best beaches in the island!

As such, let’s start off with Glyfada, an idyllic beach which still remains relatively unknown to the masses, before slowly heading north towards Paleokastritsa, the island’s most popular coastal area. This region is filled to the brim with natural coves and beaches, with vacationers scattering around and helping fend off the feeling of overcrowding. On your way between the two, we also suggest visiting the Monastery of Paleokastritsa. On the other hand, if you want access to the undisputed best view over Corfu’s entire western shoreline, do not leave without climbing you way to Angelokastro (3€), a former Byzantine castle standing at the highest point in the whole island.

To cap off your day on a high note, you’ll park your car at the mysterious village of Afionas and then walk along a 20-minute trail until you reach the magical beach of Porto Timoni. Relatively off the tourist radars, it’s the perfect place to go for a dip as the sun sets on the horizon.

Second day wrap-up:

  • Glyfada
  • Paleokastritsa
  • Monastery of Paleokastritsa
  • Angelokastro
  • Porto Timoni

Cheap restaurant suggestions in Glyfada and Paleokastritsa (+surroundings):

Corfu 3-Day Itinerary – Day 3: The North Coast

We finally get to your last day in Corfu, where you will be exploring the northern coast of the island, famous for its dramatic landscapes and unusual rock formations. Oh, and of course there will be a couple more beaches to help you balance things out! That being said, let’s kick things off with a visit to Cape Drastis, one of Corfu’s hidden gems. From the top of the cliff that leads to this remote landmark, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the cape, as well as the surrounding escarpments and bays. Nearby, in a small town called Sidari – which is quite popular for its raunchy nightlife – we recommend making a detour to Canal d’Amour, a sort of mini-fjord which is extremely popular for its picturesque setting.

Next up, you will be progressively moving away from the coast until you finally get to Old Perithia, an abandoned village at the foothills of Mount Pantokrator. Got to admit being able to freely roam through the abandoned houses and ruined churches is a pretty surreal experience! Back in the coast, it is now time to pay a visit to Kassiopi, an old fishing village that has been gaining traction as one of Corfu’s latest tourism hotspots. Once there, don’t forget to climb up to the Castle of Kassiopi. Last, but certainly not least, your getaway in Corfu will come to an end at the pristine shore of Agni Bay, a village where time seems to have stood still and where it yet feels possible to enjoy a Corfu of times past.

Third day wrap-up:

  • Cape Drastis
  • Canal d’Amour
  • Old Perithia
  • Kassiopi
  • Castle of Kassiopi
  • Agni Bay

Cheap restaurant suggestions along the north coast:

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