The Ultimate Ibiza Travel Guide – transportation, restaurants, best beaches, hotels and more!

  • 01.05.2023 11:07
  • Bruno Arcos

A complete Ibiza travel guide with all the information you need regarding hotels, restaurants, transportation and the best beaches on the island. We also included two different itineraries with everything you should see and do in Ibiza in 5 days or 1 week.

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Looking for a destination to let loose and party the night away? Look no further than the Spanish island of Ibiza! With its legendary nightlife scene and countless nightclubs and bars, it’s no surprise that this island has earned a reputation as the ultimate party destination. But don’t be fooled – there’s so much more to Ibiza than just its wild party scene!

Take some time to explore the island’s more peaceful side and you’ll be rewarded with some of the most stunning beaches in Europe, a charming historic center recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and quaint traditional villages that offer a glimpse into the authentic Ibiza that many travelers overlook. An Ibiza equally suited for couples, families and older generations. And if you’re looking to explore even further, the nearby island of Formentera is just a short ferry trip away, offering its very own unique brand of charm.

So, if you’re planning a trip to this stunning destination, our ultimate Ibiza travel guide is here to help. In addition to practical information about hotels, restaurants, transportation and beaches, we’ve also put together two comprehensive itineraries, including all the places you must see and visit in Ibiza in 5 days or one week.

Ibiza Travel Guide

easyJet airline

How to get to Ibiza – Flights from the UK

Despite its overwhelming reputation and popularity, the island is currently only served by a single air hub: the Ibiza International Airport.

If you’re coming from the UK, you can fly directly into Ibiza from London–Heathrow (British Airways), London–Gatwick (British Airways, Easyjet and TUI), London-City (British Airways), London–Luton (Easyjet), London-Stansted (Jet2, Ryanair and TUI), Bristol (Easyjet, Jet2, Ryanair and TUI), Belfast-International (Essyjet, Jet2 and TUI), Manchester (Easyjet, Jet2, Ryanair and TUI), Birmingham (Jet2, Ryanair and TUI), Edinburgh (Jet2, Ryanair and TUI), Glasgow (Jet2 and TUI),

Leeds/Bradford (Jet2 and Ryanair), Newcastle upon Tyne (Jet2, Ryanair and TUI), Liverpool (Ryanair), Bournemouth (TUI), Cardiff (TUI), Norwich (TUI) and East Midlands (Jet2 and TUI).

Ibiza Travel Guide – Best time to visit the region

Much like the rest of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is also an extremely seasonal destination, receiving most of its tourists during the Summer months, especially in July and August. That being said, it might be a good idea to skip Ibiza during those months, both for the sake of your well-being and your wallet.

As an alternative, and so that you can still enjoy the island’s beaches and good weather, we suggest booking your visit the shoulder-season, specifically for the period between May-June or September-October.

Ibiza Travel Guide – Documents needed for your trip

Since Spain is part of the EU, British citizens do not need a visa to visit. You’ll just need your passport, which must have been issued within the last 10 years and remain valid for at least 6 months from the date of your trip.

However, keep in mind that starting November 2023, British passengers will need to apply for ETIAS in order to enter any EU country.

Ibiza Travel Guide – Withdrawals, banking fees and travel budget

With the Euro (€) as Spain’s official currency, any withdrawal using a UK bank card might incur in the payment of several different fees. Besides the percentual fee referring to the currency conversion, some UK banks may also charge a flat commission for withdrawals made outside the UK. In some instances, you may well end up paying 5%-6% of your original withdrawal in banking fees.

On the other hand, exchanging money before your trip is not a viable solution either. Besides not being any cheaper, it’s also not safe or wise to carry so much money on you during your trip. As such, we recommend using the services of online banking fintech companies such as Revolut, N26 or Monzo.

Although each have their own limitations and fees, they allow you to withdraw a certain amount in foreign currency without any fees involved. And even after that threshold is reached, costs are much smaller when compared to traditional banks. Sign up for Revolut for free >> to get 3 months of Premium.

Ibiza Travel Guide – Common scams and frauds

Generally speaking, Ibiza is an extremely safe destination for visitors, since a huge part of its economy revolves around tourism.

We only recommend that you pay special attention to your belongings around crowded areas or at the beach, and never accept a taxi ride where the meter is not working. Here, much like everywhere else in the country, you just need to use your common sense to stay out of trouble. Still regarding taxis – and this is just a heads up – if you need to use one while you’re here, make sure you go for vehicles that are properly marked and licensed. Unfortunately, Uber isn’t available on the island, and it can be a real hassle trying to hail a cab during the busiest months, especially at certain times of the day. So, don’t be surprised if you come across regular folks offering to give you a lift in their own cars. Needless to say, going down this road can always bring risks, as you might end up getting scammed or robbed. It’s better to just stick with licensed taxis and avoid taking any chances.

On a side note, never order anything at a restaurant without looking at the menu first, especially around the most touristy areas, as you may end up with a very unpleasant surprise once the tab comes your way. Finally, and since this island is sometimes known for being a little wild, you should steer clear of any drugs that might be offered to you on the street and always keep an eye on your drink when partying. As always, using common sense is crucial.

Where to sleep in Ibiza – Hotels and Accommodation

If you’re looking out for a place to stay on our Ibiza travel guide, then we got you covered!

Especially during peak season, Ibiza can be a pretty expensive destination. Everything from restaurants to nightclubs, transportation, and leisure activities can add up, making Ibiza one of the priciest destinations in all of Spain. Unfortunately, accommodation is no exception.

That being said, here are some options based on the cities we recommend you to stay at:

Ibiza Travel Guide – Hotels in Ibiza Town

Ibiza Travel Guide – Hotels in San Antonio

Ibiza Travel Guide – Hotels in Santa Eulalia

Ibiza Travel Guide – Hotels in Formentera

Ibiza Travel Guide – Transportation between the airport and the center of Ibiza Town

Upon landing in Ibiza, the cheapest way to reach the capital is by using Line 10 of the local public bus system. These buses depart directly from the arrivals’ terminal, running every day between 06h20 and 00h20 during peak season (April 2 to October 31) and leaving every 20 to 30 minutes. The trip to the center of Ibiza Town might take around 25-30 minutes and you can buy your ticket directly from the bus driver for 3,50€.

As an alternative, you can hire a taxi to take you straight to your place of accommodation, although this will naturally turn out to be a lot more expensive than just using the bus. As an example, the same exact trip between the airport and the center of Ibiza Town will set you back around 25€.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning there are two other lines departing from the airport, should you wish to get to a different part of the island:

  • Line 24: Santa Eulalia (4€)
  • Line 9: San António (4€)

Ibiza Travel Guide – Transportation and how to move around

Although renting a car is always the best option when it comes to autonomy and flexibility, it isn’t necessarily a must-do in Ibiza.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), Ibiza has a pretty extensive network of buses that can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. And when you add in taxi, ferry and water bus services, you’ve got plenty of options for getting around, even if you’re headed to some of the most remote areas on the island.

Transportation in Ibiza – Public Buses

Unlike many other island tourist destinations, Ibiza enjoys a relatively solid and comprehensive public transportation system, providing essential support to visitors who, for a variety of reasons, cannot or do not want to rent a car.

There are 34 different bus lines available, covering virtually everywhere on the island, from popular coastal towns to the rural and mountainous interior. To find out about schedules, fares and specific connections, you can visit the official website of IbizaBus, the entity responsible for managing the local bus service. Ticket prices range from 2,10€ to 3,50€ per journey, depending on the distance traveled, and they can be bought directly from the driver (cash only).

Lastly, if you’re planning on experiencing Ibiza’s famous nightlife, you can hop on the DiscoBus, which connects the most renowned nightclubs on the island (such as Amnesia, DC-10, Hї Ibiza, Ushuaїa, Pacha, Eden and Es Paradis) to the main urban centers. During the high season, these buses operate from 16h00 to 07h00, with tickets costing 4€.

Transportation in Ibiza – Ferries and Water Buses

If your time in Ibiza will mainly be spent hopping from one beach to another, then using one of the various water bus services can be a great advantage. Managed by various different companies, water buses transport passengers between Ibiza’s main beaches, avoiding the usually busy and often chaotic roads.

On the east coast of the island, these vehicles connect Ibiza Town and/or Santa Eulalia with the beaches of Figueretas, D’en Bossa, Cala Pada and Talamanca. On the west coast, it is possible to travel between San Antonio and Portinatx, Playa Xinxo and Reggae Beach. To check updated running times and prices, you will need to pay a visit to the ports, although prices may vary between €4-€6 per one-way trip.

On the other hand, if you want to travel between the port of Ibiza Town and the neighboring island of Formentera, you should use the Aquabus ferry service. During high season, the company operates 8 daily departures in each direction, with a new ferry leaving every hour between 9h15 and 13h15, and then again between 18h15 and 20h15 (with a 5-hour interval). You can also board at Playa d’En Bossa or Figueretas. The round-trip fare is about €41, and you can buy tickets online on the company’s website. The journey only takes about 30 minutes.

Transportation in Ibiza – Taxi Services

Ideal for last-minute trips or very-specific routes, the taxi is always a safe bet. However, keep in mind that these services tend to be particularly expensive in Ibiza, and their availability may be lower than expected.

This is because, due to the massive influx of visitors during peak season, the number of taxis operating on the island is significantly insufficient to meet the demand from tourists. This is particularly noticeable at night, especially during the period between 23h00 and midnight, as well as in the early morning between 05h00 and 06h00, when most of the island’s nightlife spots either open up or close for the night.

Transportation in Ibiza – Renting a car or scooter

Finally, we leave you with our most recommended transportation option on this Ibiza travel guide. You know the drill – when it comes to convenience and spontaneity, there’s nothing like having our own vehicle when traveling!

While traveling in Ibiza, you can easily find companies where you can rent different motorized vehicles, such as cars or scooters. However, and before you make up your mind on this solely based on your budget or personal preferences, it’s equally important to assess the topography and type of terrain you will find, as well as your experience behind the wheel.

When looking at Ibiza’s rugged inland villages (particularly in the north), where roads tend to be quite steep, renting a scooter might not be the way to go. Plus, keep in mind it is mandatory to have a motorcycle license in order to drive any scooter over 125cc. On the other hand, according to Spanish law, a type B driver’s license is sufficient to rent a 50cc scooter. However, if you opt for a 125cc motorcycle, you must have a type A driver’s license OR a type B license issued more than 3 years ago.

That being said, if you wish to rent a scooter in Ibiza, you can check these local companies:

As for cars, you can browse for prices and availability on!

What to eat in Ibiza – Local staples and culinary delights

As it so often happens with many islands, the cuisine of Ibiza sets itself apart from the culinary traditions of the mainland. While classic Spanish dishes can certainly be found, it’s impossible not to notice how the typical food of Ibiza follows its own rules and customs.

Unsurprisingly, the sea plays a fundamental role in the island’s gastronomy, with many of its most typical dishes featuring fish or seafood as their main source of protein. That being said, you simply have to try the Bullit de Peix, a fish stew cooked with potatoes, olive oil, garlic, parsley and saffron; the Zarzuela, a rice dish with various shellfish (such as shrimp, mussels or crab) slowly cooked in a fish and saffron broth; the classic Paella de Mariscos, which needs no introduction; or the Fried Octopus

But because fish may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are also several renowned meat dishes that are ideal for more carnivorous appetites. One perfect example is the Sofrit Pagés, a hearty meat stew that can include everything from sausages, pork, lamb, chicken and even goat meat, all cooked with parsley, saffron, cinnamon, garlic, potatoes and artichokes. Another popular meat dish on the island is Arroz de Matanzas. Originally prepared on days when pigs were slaughtered, this dish now refers to any meat dish that’s cooked with rice and saffron broth, and then served with mushrooms. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of pork, be sure to try Sobrassada and Botifarra, two typical pork sausages which are among the most popular items on any traditional restaurant’s menu.

As for desserts, we invite all those who visit Ibiza to cap off their meal with some of the island’s typical sweets, such as Ensaimadas, small sweet breads sprinkled with powdered sugar and filled with jelly or chocolate; Flaons, a local version of cheesecake; Orelletes, small pieces of fried dough; or Greixonera, a bread pudding usually made with leftover bread and ensaimadas.

Ibiza Travel Guide – Hidden Treasures

While Ibiza is undoubtedly a popular tourist destination, there are still some incredible places to explore that have managed to stay off the beaten path of mass tourism. We’d love to share with you a few of these lesser-known gems, so you can discover the very best that Ibiza has to offer!

Therefore, here are some not-so-popular sights we’ve added to our Ibiza travel guide:

  • Cala Pada
  • Sant Joan de Labritja
  • Can Marsà
  • Cala Comte
  • Windmills of Sa Mirada (Formentera)
  • Sa Punta Prima Watchtower (Formentera)

Best Beaches in Ibiza

  • Talamanca Beach: One of the closest beaches to Ibiza Town, it’s easily accessible and offers a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere for those looking for a quieter and hassle-free day at the beach.
  • D’En Bossa Beach: On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lively and vibrant beach with plenty of entertainment options, d’En Bossa is the perfect choice. It’s known for being the longest beach on the island and for its bustling ambiance.
  • Cala Pada: For those looking for a hidden natural gem to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, Cala Pada is a must-visit. You can also find plenty of outdoor activities and excursion opportunities nearby.
  • Cala Pou des Lleo: If you’re looking for a more secluded and private experience, Cala Pou des Lleo is a premium location set in a protected bay surrounded by cliffs. It’s perfect for snorkeling and offers a breathtaking view of the area.
  • Cala Benirrás: This beach is known for its picturesque landscape and relaxed atmosphere, and it’s considered one of the most beautiful in Ibiza. You won’t want to miss the impressive sunset views, providing an authentic spectacle of nature.
  • Cala Comte: With crystal clear waters, stunning natural scenery and small islands dotting the horizon, Cala Comte is a breathtaking destination. You can explore the nearby hiking trails while enjoying the ocean views.
  • Cala Jondal: Possibly the most popular beach among the jet set and the upper-crust, largely due to its natural bay with perfect conditions for anchoring private yachts, Cala Jondal is a famous beach surrounded by cliffs and trees, at a relatively short distance from Ibiza Town.
  • Cala Tarida: Located on the western coast of the island, this beach is an ideal destination for families with young children, as the tide tends to be shallow and the waves calm. You can also find some great secluded sunbathing spots near a few hidden rocks.
  • Ses Salines: This beach is located in a natural reserve and offers a perfect combination of convenience and isolation. Due to the nearby salt ponds, you’ll notice that the sea water is considerably saltier.
  • Praia Ses Illets: This renowned beach on Formentera Island is located on the Trucador Peninsula and is famous for its long stretch of sand that reaches out into the sea, giving it the characteristic look of some of the most paradisiacal beaches in the world.
  • Praia de Llevant: This beach is perfect for surfers and thrill-seekers, as it boasts some of the best and biggest waves in all of the Balearic Islands. In the background, you can’t miss the impressive Ses Salines National Park.

Ibiza Travel Guide – Full itineraries for 5 and 7 days in Ibiza

So that this blog post doesn’t turn into an encyclopedia, we’ve decided to create separate articles for each itinerary.

You can check them through the following links:

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